Santee Brothers,

Since my last State of the Lodge address, we have achieved several things for which we should all be proud.  Our delegation to Dixie Fellowship consisted of an astounding 78 brothers, exhibiting the continued strength of Santee Lodge.  Our Santee brethren represented us well by winning the Quest for the Golden Arrow award, recognizing our prowess in competitions of scout skills, athleticism, and lodgeadministration.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Santee brothers who helped make this victory possible: those who competed, the advisers who offered advice and encouragement along the way, and everyone who helped train at Spring Fellowship.  This victory would not have been possible without all of your efforts.  

Another great victory was our acceptance of the Order of theArrow Innovation Award, granted to Santee Lodge for our OA Week.  We are the only lodge in the nation to host a week-long OA event.  Registration for both OA Week and Summer Fellowship are open now; these events will phenomenal. Our next event will be OA Work Weekend, June 7th-9th; this is an opportune time to complete your Ordeal or Brotherhood, or to reaffirm your devotion to the practice of cheerful service by helping to ready Camp Coker for the summer.

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OA Work Weekend

OA Week

Summer Fellowship

I look forward to seeing you all at OA Work Weekend.

— In Wimachtendienk,

Gabe Gainey
Lodge Chief
Santee Lodge 116 Order of Arrow